Volume Inc: This Will (Not) Be Easy

Design | Print | AR Tech | Prototyping | Video Editing | Sound Design | 3D Simulation

“Pinterest, Instagram, Behance, and all the other visual-rich platforms we scroll through regularly barrage us with perfectly photographed results of creative toil. But they rarely showcase the philosophy or blood-sweat-and-tears process that goes into getting to that point. Could our exhibition be the antidote to this?

The result was Volume Inc: This Will (Not) Be Easy. Where one would usually expect to see the actual work first and foremost, with the philosophy and process reduced to wall text (if seen or read at all), our exhibition completely reverses that hierarchy. Instead, it’s a snapshot of all the thinking and making that goes into the final product.”

“Hung in the center of the gallery, a long banner holds a collection of single typeset sentences that each describe a Volume project. These finished works can only be viewed through an augmented reality app on one’s smartphone. The visitor focuses their phone on the text and the project image (or series of images, or even a video) is displayed on the screen.”
“One of the performative components in the exhibition is a communal “tenet wall” of giveaway RISO prints intended for visitors’ homes or workspaces as creative inspiration. Also included were blank prints for the mostly student audience to contribute their own creative rule to our dozen or so already on the wall.”
“We originally conceived the exhibition as snapshot of the Volume psyche. If the banner is our “ego” (the real) and the walls our “superego” (our conscience), what is the irrational, emotional “id”? In the additional enclosed room at the back of the main gallery space, we projected two videos on opposite walls that deconstruct all our work into abstract strips of content, accompanied by a John Cage-ian audio soundtrack of ambient noise recordings from our studio layered on top of each other.Three sets of headphones dangle in the center of the room.

Each set plays a separate recorded monologue that speaks about Volume’s creative approach and asks the listener a question to apply to their own creative process, providing the only linear and rational respite from the room’s otherwise sensory assault.”
Designed at Volume Inc. San Francisco
creative director: Eric Heiman, Adam Brodsley | DESIGNER: Jon Hioki, Yuya Yoshida, Allier Ho, Ellie See, Nicole Sorci