Facebook Innovation Series Exhibition

Design | Production Mechanical

“The wonders of Facebook’s Luleå Data Center near the Arctic Circle is the first in a series of “innovation stories” exhibited at their Menlo Park headquarters. The formidable wall exhibition is designed first and foremost to grab the attention of employees zooming from meeting to meeting. But it’s also a system that allows easy implementation of future stories. Volume set up typographic rules to maintain continuity between exhibitions and provided a variety of image size templates so the framing hardware could be used through the end of the series.And what a story this first one is! The center’s complex infrastructure is what houses the gazillion things you share daily. Taking advantage of the cool temperature, large fans pull in the outside air to naturally cool the thousands of warm servers that occupy the center. A dozen hydro-electric plants operate on nearby rivers, providing a reliable and renewable power source. The whole system is 10% more efficient and uses almost 40% less power than traditional data centers. And it was literally designed on a napkin! Dang!”

Designed at Volume Inc. San Francisco
creative director: Eric Heiman, Adam Brodsley | DESIGNER: BRYAN BINDLOSS, YUya Yoshida