CCA Graduate Viewbook

Editorial Design

“CCA is informed greatly by its Bay Area location and is a microcosm of the inventive and activist strains that the area is famous for. To attract new graduate students, the viewbook intertwines these strains under the banner of “Radical,” showcasing both CCA’s strong philosophical stance and the formidable work the graduate program has produced. It’s small format befits a viewbook conceived as a mini-manifesto, with a reflective cover that nudges potential students to imagine themselves as part of CCA’s radical learning environment. But it serves a functional purpose, too, as the book is small enough to fit in one’s back pocket for easy keeping and transit. And amidst the often gaudy and excessive deluge of materials pitched at potential art students, it stands out as a terse, straight-to-the-point antidote.”

Designed at Volume Inc. San Francisco
creative director: Eric Heiman, Adam Brodsley, BRYAN BINDLOSS | DESIGNER: Jon Hioki, Yuya Yoshida